Thanks for a GREAT 2015 season!

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Your A1 Property Management Team: Kayla, Sue, David, and Chelsea

          To all our property owners and renters this past year – thank you for a successful 2015! Sue and I managed 27 properties, mostly ocean front, in both Carolina Beach and Kure Beach and what a ride it’s been. We were 100% booked from Memorial Day to Labor Day and three quarters booked during the shoulder seasons of April/May and Sept/October. Then from November through March we had a lot of off-season renters stay with us for 1-3 months. Put it all together and we’ve been very busy. And our clients, the property owners, were very happy with the rental income checks we sent them.

          A1 Property Management is a small company located right here on the island. We’re a family business: David is the Property Manager, Sue is in charge of the overall condition of the homes; cleaning and décor, Chelsea handles the emails and phone calls from renters and books reservations, and Kayla cleans homes when she’s not at school or studying at UNCW. We also work closely with a great cleaner, plumber, electrician, HVAC company, and handyman.

          Our goal is simple: manage a select number of high quality properties in a way that provides the highest level of service to both our clients and renters so that we all have an exceptional experience. Saying it is one thing, pulling it off is another. Because Sue and I are both customer-centered people, we always put the customer first. We believe that if we do a great job we’ll gain your loyalty and trust. It also helps that we make the most rental income possible for our clients. By using A1 Property Management, they see their rental home as an investment gaining value verses it being an expensive, worrisome burden. The more we maintain their property in excellent condition, the more rental income we can generate for them. Owners are then more apt to reinvest some of their rental income to update and upgrade their home. That creates an upward spiral – with improvements it makes their home worth more, we can ask more rent, and it’s easier to rent. For example, we manage a number of ocean front condos in Ocean Dunes, Kure Beach. By providing maximum rental income our owners can more easily deal with the HOA costs and assessments.

          We have some great property owners, that’s for sure. By working closely as a team we try our best to always keep their property in tip top shape. Most owners only come to visit on vacation in the spring or the fall. Our goal is for them to arrive and have nothing to do except relax and enjoy the beach. All the small nagging repairs have been done, their home is immaculately clean, and they won’t have to spend their valuable time fixing and cleaning. They appreciate the high level of service we provide them.

          As a smaller company we can react to the needs of our many renters in a timely fashion. We get calls for all sorts of issues but it’s the little things that can make the difference between a renter having a great vacation or just an OK vacation. We’ve had our share of clogged toilets, broken lamps, etc, but it’s not because we didn’t do our job maintaining the property, sometimes things just happen with renters. We put a lot of emphasis on responding asap to every phone call. Even if we can’t fix it ourselves, we get our handyman or contractors out there right away to make sure the renter is satisfied. That commitment is reflected in your review, we consistently get 5 out of 5 stars.

          We are personally in each of the properties we manage after EVERY RENTER CHECKS OUT cleaning, inspecting, and restocking supplies. If we find something missing or broken, we address the issue right then and there with the renter. Because we require each renter to either purchase a damage protection policy or put down a sizeable security deposit, as an owner it won’t cost you anything. We frequently have carpets and upholstery cleaned, toilets and sinks unclogged, replace broken lamps, etc, at no charge to the owner.

          Going above and beyond for our owners and renters is just who we are. Here is one example of how we operate. This past July we got a call one night from a renter, a young family with a baby, saying that their A/C wasn’t working. We called our HVAC contractor (Express Heating & Air) and met him out there within 30 minutes. He diagnosed the repair and determined it needed a new condenser motor. As it was a specific motor he didn’t have on his truck, he had to check in the morning to see where he could find one. Not wanting to make the family suffer in a hot condo, we brought over a portable A/C unit and installed it on their bedroom. The next morning we got a call from our contractor who said that the closest motor available was in Myrtle Beach and with overnight shipping we could have the following day. We discussed it and decided that wasn’t good enough. Sue immediately got in her car, drove to Myrtle Beach, picked up the motor, and it was installed with cold air again running that afternoon. Our renters were thrilled and we were glad to help.

          Again, with our focus on providing the highest level of service to a select number of quality owners and properties, we can do these type of things. For us it’s all about customer service. Do a great job for our owners and they appreciate us for what we do. Do a great job for our renters and they come back, year after year. Repeat renters is what it’s all about. They tend to think of your place as their vacation home and treat it better.
We know can’t provide this level of service to 50-100 clients but we can do it for a few more clients than we currently have. If you are looking for a management company to give you top notch personalized service with the highest level of rental income, give us a call. We’d love to speak with you.
          We want to be your Property Management Company. If you’re considering hiring a Property Manager for the first time or are looking to perhaps change management companies we’d like the opportunity to compete for your business. We’re a family run business, live on the island, and are available just about anytime to sit down and meet face to face or talk on the phone. As we’re already accepting rental reservations for 2016, now is the time to get started. We hope you will give us a call!
David, Sue, Chelsea, and Kayla
Office: 910-409-6687
Email: [email protected]