Pleasure Island - the perfect beach vacation destination

Pleasure Island has it all, including it's very own hermit.
As we slowly progress from the cold of winter to the thaw of spring, and then finally to the warmth of summer, it’s that time of year that we start thinking about planning our summer beach vacation. If you’re looking for warm, blue skies and great beaches, North Carolina offers miles and miles of sunny shoreline to choose from. All up and down our coast are small, scenic island towns, each offering their own special way to relax. So how do you decide which beach to go to for your summer vacation? They all offer amazing sunrises over the Atlantic, sandy shores, and warm ocean water during the summer months. So, how do you decide? 

No Congestion, and So Affordable

As you think about what’s important to you for your vacation, it may help to understand what differentiates our splendid beach towns. For example, the Outer Banks offers some of the finest accommodations and has a reputation as THE place to vacation. But it surely comes at a high price and don’t forget the congested traffic. To say that it gets busy during the summer there is an understatement. Some beach towns offer quiet stretches of sand but not much else, maybe one local seafood restaurant, and you’ll have to drive if you want to see anything else. They are all but abandoned after Labor Day as there just isn’t much to do there. Other communities are comprised mostly of large expensive vacation homes, priced out of the market for the average family’s budget. 

You'll love stepping back in time on Pleasure Island

What if I could tell you that I’ve found what you may be looking for- beach towns that are priced fairly, offer tons of fun attractions, great restaurants, have easy access to Interstate I-40, and are centrally located right next to the great southern port city of Wilmington? Well, I have. Welcome to Pleasure Island and the beach towns of Carolina Beach and Kure Beach!
Pleasure Island, North Carolina is a small island, and is part of the intercoastal waterway. Once you take the bridge onto the island you’ll find yourself back in time, to when life was simpler and easier and not so frantic. Relax, you’re on island time now. The island is only nine miles long and you’ll first come to the town of Carolina Beach. They have so many fun places to visit you’ll never run out of surprises.
surf school on pleasure island

Carolina Beach

The boardwalk in Carolina Beach is clean, vibrant yet from the past… legendary! And one of your first stops must be a step into the past, at Britt’s Donut Shop. Britt’s is an island institution on Pleasure Island and a MUST visit for everyone who wants the perfect glazed donut. Yummy!
On Thursday evenings in Carolina Beach near the boardwalk are live family-friendly bands playing at the gazebo, and after the bands quite down, the summer evening enchantment arrives with fireworks. If you’re looking for the best ice cream shop, stop in at Squigley’s. On Sunday night you can watch a G rated movie playing outside on a movie screen over by the lake. Don’t forget to bring your beach chairs, a blanket and some snacks for the kids.

Accommodations in Carolina Beach

We have 2, 3, and 4 bedroom vacation homes and condos available for rent that are affordable for the average family, and most are located on a stretch of beach that has very limited public parking. Even on 4th of July you’ll have plenty of room to spread out on the beach all to yourself. There is a grocery store, plenty of great seafood restaurants and a marina where you can buy fresh fish right off the boats. Our oceanfront and ocean view condos offer something for everyone.

Kure Beach is so laid back

Just down the road from Carolina Beach is the small town of Kure Beach, and they have one stoplight. But don’t let that fool you, because there are tons of things to do. Let’s start with the very first pier ever built on the Atlantic coastline of the US. Of course it’s been rebuilt a few times, but the Kure Beach pier is a landmark and it’s fun to walk out on the pier and see what fish are being caught that day. If you go at night you can see the moonlight shimmering off the water, it’s magical.

Burgers, Concerts and a Hermit

Of course, we have the best burger joint on the island in Kure Beach - Beach House Burgers. I love to get a burger, fries, and a Coke and sit out on a bench at the boardwalk taking it all in. You want concerts? We got’em. The Pavilion offers live concerts on Sundays and you may even get to see some locals do what we call Shag dancing. Kure Beach also has to excellent seafood restaurants, Jack Mackerels and Big Daddy’s, and even a tasty Italian restaurant, Freddie's.

Accommodations in Kure Beach - Homes and Condos

Our oceanfront vacation condos are affordable and also offer swimming pools! These condominiums are in the middle of all the fun on Pleasure Island. Our Kure Beach homes and condo rentals come with outdoor pools and a fully equipped Recreation Center with indoor pool, exercise room, sauna, and a whirlpool. You can use the facilities free of charge as well as the basketball courts and tennis courts. Our condos are centrally located to all that Kure Beach has to offer and a perfect choice for your beach vacation.

Invasion of the Confederate naval forces

If you drive a mile or so south of the Kure Beach Pier, you arrive at a historic Civil War battle site. Fort Fisher and their Civil War museum can keep you busy for days. There was a major naval bombardment a while back, and now and then they re-create that 1864 battle. It’s exciting to think about what happened on these shores 150 years ago between the Confederate naval forces from the south and the Union Army of the north. We also have a Civil War shipwreck that you can still see at low tides. Checkout these BIG canons at Fort Fisher on YouTube.

You'll Love Our Aquarium

Close by the fort is the North Carolina Aquarium, a wonderful place to visit, especially on a day where you might be a bit sunburned from the day before! 

Wilmington, Southport and the Cape Fear River

If you’re looking to take a day trip off the island you have two great choices. Wilmington is about ½ hour off the island and has a great scenic downtown waterfront along the Cape Fear River. There are plenty of small shops to visit including The Cotton Exchange. You can also visit the USS North Carolina, a Word War II battleship and floating museum. If you’re a bit more adventurous head to the southern tip of the island and take the 20-minute ferry ride over to the town of Southport. It’s a small fishing village and popular movie local. They just finished filming the romantic thriller movie Safe Haven there. 
These are a few of the best reasons to select Pleasure Island for your vacation over some of those other crowded locations along our coast line. And we never got around to telling you the story of our very own Fort Fisher Hermit!
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