Vacation Rental Property Management on Pleasure Island, NC

April 2014 Spotlight
A fun way to work at the beach!
by David Paul
I can't believe how busy we've been helping people book their vacation rentals here at Carolina Beach and Kure Beach. My company, A1 Property Management, manages condos and homes here and the demand for rental accommodations is at an all time high. I can definitely say that 2014 will be a busy year for sure, and not just the peak summer season but the spring too. My job is definitely a fun way to work at the beach!
This is my third year managing oceanfront and oceanview vacation properties and it's been a nice surprise that it hasn't gone according to the plan of the last few years, it's gone even better. Typically the off-season is slow and most people don't start looking for a place to rent for their summer vacation until April. But this year the volume of our on-line bookings and phone calls has been crazy busy right from the very start of the year! More people than ever have booked their long weekend getaway or summer vacation at one of our properties in January and February. Our summer rentals are already 80% booked and our off-season spring bookings are already filled up at a 60% occupancy rate. That's pretty good for off season considering it's still too cold to swim in the ocean and we've had a lot of rainy days.

The Colder the Winter, the More Renters

Many of the renters have told me that their main reason for booking so early this year as compared to previous years is because they are so sick of the long, frigid winter. This polar vortex has got them wishing and hoping for warmer weather. Since they know that for them spring is still a month away they dream of warmer days and laying out on our beautiful beaches. They remember how relaxing it was for them the last time they were here and can't wait to come again. The more brutal the winter, the earlier people go on-line or call to book their vacations with our company.
Although we attract vacation guests from all over, if I had to say where most of our renters are coming from these days I'd say Ohio. They tell me it's a one-day drive on good highways and our reputation for having great beaches is popular there. We attract renters from all over the country, Canada, and even from overseas from time to time. 

Early Bookings Mean Peace of Mind

Earlier bookings are great for my vacation property owners too. It gives them peace of mind that this year their investment will have strong rental income to help offset their mortgage and maintenance expenses. Owning a property here at Carolina Beach and Kure Beach, while living out of this area, can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. It's exciting to have a place to call your own on your favorite beach. You've worked hard to save up to buy it and you appreciate the week or two that you spend here relaxing. But owning an investment property can also be stressful. Since you can't be here every day to keep an eye on it you need to find someone you can trust to look after it and get it rented. That's where the team at A1 Property Management comes in as a rental management company. We provide a high level of personal service to help take your stress away. We handle all the day-to-day needs of your property and we work extra hard in the off-season to keep your property rented, and get you the maximum rental income.  
In working with our clients, the property owners, we try to listen and understand what their goals are for their properties. It takes time getting to know one another and we believe that our initial discussions and meetings are the most important part in establishing a great business relationship. The better we know each other the better we know what is required to be successful. We take pride in getting to know our clients and we treat them as partners in the success of their investment property. We share with them our personal story of who A1 Property Management is and our joy of offering the best service in the industry.

First Class Property Management Services

That means setting up systems and procedures to manage the day-to-day tasks of our business efficiently which then free us up to be more hands on and available when you need us. We are proud to say that our state-of-the-art website has a first-class online reservation management system by LiveRez that offers on-line booking and payments. It's tops in the industry and we believe it helps us market and rent our properties even better. Like LiveRez says, they turn lookers into bookers.

Adding Value to Visitors of Our Website

We work hard to get our website to perform well on web search indexes such as Google. But we also want to add value to each visitors experience once they find The added value comes from the relevant and compelling page content visitors will find, and this content helps visitors to decide to return to our website during their shopping around for vacation rentals on Pleasure Island. By adding value to the user experience, we book more properties and our owners and everyone benefits. Visit our website to read interesting articles about our Hermit, our Aquarium, Britts Donuts and C.S.S. Beauregard, and more.    
Communication with our clients is important to us and we will keep you informed every step of the way. You will have a direct line to the owner, David Paul, whenever you need him. But don't just take our word for it. We'll be glad to have you speak with our existing clients and you can ask them about the quality of our services yourselves. Hear what they have to say about the high level of attention to detail we provide and the solid, year round rental bookings of their property. Ask them how we work with some great local maintenance people to make sure they always get the best deal on repairs and upkeep. Ask them for some examples of how we've gone above and beyond to handle every small detail.

A Very Happy Condo Owner!

We've recently started working with a couple that owns an oceanfront condo in Kure Beach. After years of working with another rental management company they became unhappy with the service they were receiving. They felt like they were being treated like a number and not like a people. Although their condo had booked well during the summer, they had very few off-season bookings to cover their expenses. They were paying good money to a rental company, but they needed more. When they asked their property manager to meet with them he admitted he had not been in their condo in years! Looking for a change, they decided to call us. They liked the idea that we were a smaller company and could provide better, more personal service. 
When we first met they stated that they were fed up with their prior agency and now wanted and expected only the best. As we got to know each other I could see that they would require a larger amount of my time and effort. As I thought about what kind of company I wanted to be, I relished the opportunity to work with them. I thought; if I can meet or exceed their high level of expectations it would make A1 Property Management a stronger company. They decided to hire us and we now enjoy a great working relationship. I find that we are inspired to go the extra mile for them. Again, it's the little things that can make the difference. For example, while the exterior of their building was being redone we stopped by from time to time and took photos of the progress and checked in with the contractors for them. Providing an update and texting them the photos meant a lot to them. They could see progress and knew that we were looking out for their best interest and keeping a watchful eye on their condo.

Now Accepting New Property Owners. New Valued Customers.

If you're a first time property owner looking to hire a vacation rental management company for your investment, we'd like the opportunity to compete for your business. If you're looking to change management companies and want a higher level of personal service we hope you will consider us and give us a call. Compare what we have to offer and we're confident you'll choose A1 Property Management.
You can reach the team at (910)-409-6687 or [email protected]