Owner Recommendations

Looking to buy a vacation home? Already own one and need a great Property Manager? We'd love to work with you. All we ask is that you give us the opportunity and we believe you'll be glad you did. But, don't take our word for it. Click on an owners name to read what they have to say about working with us. 

A1 Property Management has demonstrated over the past few years that you treat our property as your own. I am never surprised as you keep me informed of all issues and you manage them like they should be handled.

When we started with you we left a management company we had been with for 5 years and we thought they did what every company does. Things were missing, rentals were slow in being booked, they cleaning service was poor, and communication was non-existent. Then we made the switch to you and all those things disappeared. Inventory of items were looked at, bookings increased, the placed looked great and you talked with us.

My wife and I feel like we are a team with you and your family, all going in one direction. Thanks for all that you do that we know about and I am sure those things we don’t even see.

Dave and Candy B. - Ocean Dunes

I'm beyond delighted by the level of service (responsiveness and proactive rental management to ensure maximum rental income), attention to detail and overall professionalism that David and Sue bring to the property management discipline on Pleasure Island. Their service truly exploits the collective talents that each bring to the table and epitomizes the saying that the whole is greater than the sums of the parts. For any property owner that is looking to optimize their return on investment, A1 Property Management is for you!

Todd T.

Roughly eighteen months ago, we fired the management company that handled our condo. We had been with that management company for 6 years. When we purchased the condo, we assumed it would be best to stay with the company that had previously managed it and therefore keep repeat customers. However, we were continually frustrated with poor cleaning, lack of attention to detail, subpar rental income and low quality emergency repairs performed by their handyman. Still, we tried working with that management company and tried to make the best of the situation over the years because that seemed less risky than switching management companies. Eventually we decided that there must be a better way.

As we looked at alternatives, we stumbled upon David Paul as a reference from one of our neighbors. We talked with him on the phone two or three times and then arranged a face to face meeting. We called existing reference clients and received nothing but positive feedback. It also sounded too good to be true. We also checked the rental history on the properties he was handling. We had detailed discussions regarding our expectations especially regarding the cleaning of our property which had always been a sore point with the previous management company. David suggested things we hadn't considered and he listened and agreed to work with routines we had already had in place for years. We took the leap, and it has been fabulous.

Last year was the first rental season ever, that we didn't worry or even think about our condo. We had a very successful rental season thanks to David. For the first time ever, the care and maintenance that we put into our condo is being rewarded by record level rental income. David actively manages the rental rates to maximize income and occupancy. In addition, we have been happy with the cleaning and care of our condo by David and his crew. Furthermore, he frequently checks up personally on our condo, and if there is any issue, it is addressed promptly. Living over 7 hours away, this has given us peace of mind for the first time that someone is truly looking out for our investment. We really, really wish we had found David Paul before now. We went from being a number with the previous management company with very impersonal service, to being a valued client with David. We have since referred two of our neighbors who are now also delighted clients of David Paul.

We will gladly take reference phone calls for David if you’d prefer to speak with us directly.
Frank and Elsie S.

We are happy to provide this Letter of Recommendation for David Paul and the team at A1 Property Management.

Last summer we purchased a rental property as an investment. As out of state landlords, we were very concerned about selecting the best property manager. We spent quite a bit of time researching not only the area and the properties, but also rentals and property managers.

We interviewed different property managers and David Paul stood out. He was motivated, informative and went out of his way to assist us as we settled into our new purchase. He showed us comparables and explained what we should expect.

David not only offered recommendations to improve the rental, he provided a very thorough checklist of items to have in the property, and has presented it beautifully on both his site and VRBO.

We anticipated a ‘light’ first season in terms of rentals as our property has no history. We have been extremely pleased to have rental income each month since last October. Looking forward, our property is rented for the vast majority of the season, with only a couple of weeks that I anticipate will also book.

David shares rental comments with us, has made small repairs and purchases when needed and has been in touch with us frequently. We were confident that we made a good decision choosing A1 Property Management last Fall, and continue to be very pleased with his attentiveness to our property.

Brian & Liz V.

We bought our condo at Ocean Dunes in 2006 and contracted with a agency on the island to manage it. As time went by and we "learned" how all of this worked we began to question the quality and unusual cost of what services we were receiving.. As a few years went by we were receiving less and less of the revenue generated thru our rentals. The "constant" charges( $30 to change a lightbulb type things) never ceased.

I saw an article in the island paper about A1 and called David and sat down with him and went over how he manages his properties-6 months later we decided to change and we went with A1 properties. Without a doubt this was the best decision we have made and I have no second thoughts. David has increased the number of rentals-increased our revenue-and his service are less costly than all other agencies that I know of.

I would highly recommend to anyone in this same situation to research and look into A1 and I am confident that they will discover the same that we did-"best decision we could have made."

Thank you,
Steve C.

We would recommend David Paul as Property Manager with complete confidence. We were badly managed by another agent and at our wit's- end when David was recommended to us by another very satisfied owner. As soon as David took over our unit and our son's they began to be rented immediately. David's style is straight forward and informative, we are completely satisfied with all aspects of his management. We were in Kure last month and found our unit in excellent shape. We had the pleasure of meeting David and Sue and that was another great pleasure. My husband and I could not be more pleased with David's management and feel very lucky to have our unit in such capable hands.

Jo and Al C.

I was lucky enough to be pointed in the direction of A1 Property Management from my HOA as there is another unit in my building who had used them and were pleased. I didn’t have a lot of intel but figured I would give them a call and find out about their process. Within minutes of speaking with David Paul I knew this was a business owner who truly cared about his clients and the services that they provide. I had a good enough gut instinct to know they were my folks right from the start. That said, I met David and Sue in the late fall of 2015 as they toured the property and immediately started to provide me with details and feedback of what we could do. I knew I had wanted to renovate the place and they didn’t put any pressure but their guidance made me make a really good decision to go for it right then and there. They also turned me onto/introduced me to a great contractor who helped with the work. Sue and David provided some input on some design materials as well. They even helped with staging, hanging the curtains, etc….. They both give you an instantaneous feel of being welcomed and treated like family.

I have now have had the pleasure of working with them for a year. I’m a successful business man and in my experience you can often be let down by folks in the service industry. Rest assured that is absolutely NOT the case with A1 Property management as they do what they say and they say what they do 100% of the time. David and Sue have delivered on all expectations and I trust that they will continue to do just that as that is simply the type of people that they are. If you are looking to have your property rented or if you are a renter looking for help finding/booking a place you would be crazy not to work with them. They are wonderful people, very reasonable in fees, and will over deliver consistently. Being an absentee landlord finding someone like them has made my experience an absolute pleasure. I’m happy to call Dave and Sue my friends and am looking forward to a very long business relationship with them.

Damon L.

David was recommended by our friend who had just previously purchased a condo on Carolina Beach. We were in the market to buy one ourselves, so went used David as our real estate agent. It was a positive buying experience: he was efficient, helpful, always available and knowledgeable about the area. After the sale, he offered his services as Property Manager and we signed up without hesitation. He helped us find a carpenter to do repairs and he guided us through the process of renting as we were first time rental property owners. That help was invaluable because we live 2.5 hours away. We believe we got lucky. We’ve been in partnership with him for over 2 years now and we are very happy with his services. He is professional and efficient, but also friendly and a pleasure to know. I never feel like I am a bother to him or his wife/partner, Sue. He knows the market and how to price it. He’s on top of the weather advisories and always ready to help with furniture deliveries and such. He is computer savvy and always looking for best ways to market our condo. We are pleased with the level of clientele he garners; people who treat our investment gently and want to return the following year and beyond. Trusting someone with your investment is somewhat a leap of faith. We feel very confident in our choice--we feel valued and not just another commission. We hope to have many more years of partnership! When I speak of David, I speak of his whole team at A1 Property Management.

Sincerely, Chris and Laura K.

A1 Property Management has managed our beachfront condo for over two years. In a word, their services are fantastic! We receive constant praise from our renters about David and Sue.....their warm and friendly demeanors, attention to detail, prompt response to problems, and overall professionalism. As property owners, we are the grateful recipients of those same qualities. David and Sue are delightful to work with. They have increased our rental revenue and decreased our stress. We could not be more pleased with their services!

Lawrence B. and Beth S. Ocean Dunes